Useful Documents
Wooden Door Order Form
(Format : pdf - Size : 160.77 KB)
This order form is used for wooden door orders. Pads of order forms are also available.
Account Opening Form. Page 1 of 2
(Format : pdf - Size : 89.28 KB)
Send us the completed pages (1 and 2) of the 'Account Opening Form' after reading the 'Sales Policy' document to open an account.
Account Opening Form. Page 2 of 2
(Format : pdf - Size : 133.23 KB)
Page 2 of the Account Opening Form, see page 1 description for details.
Sales Policy
(Format : pdf - Size : 121.71 KB)
Description of the policy of sales when buying at PARCO. English is on page three and four.
Credit Card Payment Form
(Format : pdf - Size : 16.09 KB)
If you want to pay with a credit card, fill this form. Please advise the staff in charge of the payment at PARCO before sending this form.
Privacy Policy
(Format : pdf - Size : 60.86 KB)
Privacy Policy